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News Review
Why Are Trees Being Removed on Miracle Mile?
Posted Date: 6/8/2017

If you see a tree stump while you’re walking on the Mile, there’s a good reason for it: these trees in poor condition needed to be removed. During the design phase of the Streetscape project, the health and structural integrity of the existing oak trees were evaluated by arborists and landscape architects. The healthiest of the oak trees were identified to remain in place or to be relocated. Trees that were in fair condition were identified to remain in place or be removed based on the condition and location of the tree. The trees in poor condition were identified to be removed.

So why did the condition of these trees deteriorate?

The majority of the existing trees were in fair or poor condition and root-bound due to the highly constrained urban planting conditions that provided inadequate soil volume and irrigation for the long-term viability of the trees. The new oak trees that replace the existing oak trees being removed are being planted with CU Structural Soil under the adjacent pavers.

Each tree now has irrigation provided in the tree pit and under the adjacent pavers to provide improved soil volume, water, and aeration to the root zones of the oak trees. These efforts will provide an improved growing environment for the roots of the new and existing oak trees in this highly constrained environment.