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Cardena Street before resurfacing

Street Resurfacing Project: Cardena Street before

Cardena Street after resurfacing

Cardena Street after resurfacing

The Neighborhood Renaissance Program is designed to be a blueprint to create “quality settings” in which our residents can live, work and play. The projects included in this program are intended to make our neighborhoods the most livable they can be, and will continue to build upon the City’s reputation as a city with a firm commitment to the future of our neighborhoods. This initiative outlines a number of projects that improve a host of community facilities to provide an outstanding quality of life for our residents. This program will help to further brand Coral Gables as a great and distinctive place that is poised to compete with every other place for residents, visitors, business investments and events.

The Neighborhood Renaissance Program is fully funded and will not increase the City’s annual costs. While most projects can be completed in the near term (within 3 +/- years), we anticipate the more complex projects may take up to 5 +/- years to complete.

If you have any questions regarding the Neighborhood Renaissance Program, please contact the Public Works Department at 305-460-5032.


Neighborhood Renaissance Program




Senior/Multi-Purpose Center

The City will establish a new multi-purpose facility of approximately 10,000 - 14,000 square feet. The City would partner with Miami-Dade County, under the auspices of County Commissioner Rebeca Sosa, to bring the facility to her district. The Center will offer seniors and visitors of all ages a place to get together and participate in a wide range of leisure programs.  




NRP Funds

GOB Funds


DeSoto Fountain Traffic Circle Improvements

This traffic circle will be reconfigured to enhance traffic safety and flow in addition to beautifying the surrounding area with landscaping.

$ 350,000

NRP Funds

Beautification of Granada and Columbus Circles

The traffic circles at Columbus Plaza (Columbus Boulevard and Coral Way) and Ponce de Leon Plaza (Granada Boulevard and Coral Way) will be enhanced to promote traffic safety and provide additional landscaping. In addition, the civic monuments surrounding Columbus Plaza will be restored.

$ 325,000

NRP Funds

Biltmore Way and Ponce de Leon Boulevard (Final Phase) Streetscape Projects

Biltmore Way will be improved to provide for installations of medians, additional landscaping, and resurfacing, from Anderson Road to Segovia Street emphasizing the residential character of the area and from Segovia Street to Hernando Street and then along Andalusia Avenue from Hernando Street to Le Jeune Road emphasizing the transition from a residential area to an entrance to downtown (pending inclusion in the County transportation improvement program). The final phase of the streetscape project for Ponce de Leon Boulevard, a major north/south artery would be continued from where it currently ends at Salamanca Avenue to its intersection with SW 8 Street.  


County Impact Fees

Development of Two Passive Parks

5028 Maggiore Street (20,427 sq. ft.) and 4650 Alhambra Circle (21,000 sq. ft.) will be improved as passive parks.

$ 250,000


$ 425,000

NRP Funds

Park Impact Fees


Country Club Prado Landscaping Improvements

This project will enhance the adjacent neighborhoods and will primarily consist of installing new trees within Country Club Prado.

$ 400,000

NRP Funds

Citywide Street Resurfacing, Sidewalk Repair/Replacement and Traffic Calming

Approximately 55 lane miles of City streets will be resurfaced. This project will positively impact approximately 2,650 single and multi-family residences that front the streets to be resurfaced. This project will also provide for the funding of approximately 20 traffic calming projects that are in various stages of review and approval, including intersection improvements, traffic circles and traffic islands. 




NRP Funds

Gas Tax Funds


Segovia Circles Civic Monuments

New civic art monuments will be created in the traffic circles along Segovia Street (at the intersections with Coral Way and Biltmore Way), a major artery traversing the City, that serves as a gateway between residential areas and the entrance to downtown. 





NRP Funds

NEA Grant

Fairchild Gardens (in kind)

Beautification of Street Intersections

This project will provide additional landscaping and irrigation as well as repaving at the following neighborhood street intersections (a/k/a the triangles): Manati Avenue and Hardee Road; Campo Sano Avenue and University Drive; Valencia Avenue and Cardena Street; and San Amaro Court and San Amaro Drive.

$ 300,000

NRP Funds

Citywide Landscaping Improvements

This project will beautify neighborhoods that would benefit from the replacement and planting of additional trees throughout the City where trees have died or are missing due to hurricanes, disease or accidents. The replacement trees will be largely within residential communities. 




NRP Funds

UM Dev. Agreement Funds

Entrance Way and Fountain Restoration

This project will restore historic entrance ways and fountains at the following locations: Granada Entrance (Granada Boulevard and Eighth Street), Commercial Entrance (Alhambra Circle and Douglas Road), Granada Plaza (Granada Boulevard and Alhambra Circle), Segovia Plaza (Segovia Circle and Coral Way), and Balboa Plaza (Biltmore Way, Anderson Road, DeSoto Boulevard and Coral Way).

$ 345,000


$ 400,000

NRP Funds

Historic Public Art Funds

Downtown Civic Plaza and Garden

This project recognizes the environmental, economic and social benefits of creating public open spaces in urban areas and promotes active lifestyles. A public gathering place would provide a much needed oasis that will make the downtown more pedestrian friendly. In order to reinforce Coral Gables’ image as being one of the most livable cities in the country, the City will seek to purchase and develop property in the downtown area to convert to a public gathering place.


NRP Funds

Create an Entertainment Venue on Giralda Avenue

This project would have a major influence on the resurgence of Restaurant Row, in addition to benefitting the surrounding area, and would broaden the scope and appeal of downtown. An architecturally attractive entertainment venue will reinforce the downtown as the dominant place for activity, gathering and commerce. There is an opportunity on Lot 25 located at the corner of Galiano Street and Giralda Avenue to be utilized for a public/private partnership. 


Public/Private Initiative

William H. Kerdyk/Biltmore Tennis Center Improvements

The facility’s courts, lighting and grounds will be renovated.





NRP Funds

County GOB Funds

County GOB


Ponce Circle Park Improvements

This project will improve Ponce Circle Park in order to create a comfortable place to gather, relax and enjoy, and will be an improved space for public events that will encourage community interaction and exchange. The park may feature fountains, plazas, gardens and landscaping. This project represents a unique opportunity in the fields of landscape, architecture and urban design that would reinforce Coral Gables’ image as being one of the most livable cities in the country.


NRP Funds

Installation of Bicycle Paths

Bicycle path facilities will be created and installed.

$ 400,000

NRP Funds

Citywide Installation of Decorative Historic Streetlights

This project would provide neighborhoods with the opportunity to add decorative streetlights to create warmth and elegance to those neighborhoods.

$   500,000



NRP Funds

Neighborhood Participation

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